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Hong Kong

I just got back from a short trip to Hong Kong with Christian, and I’m already missing the view of the bay and the English speaking waiters. It was warm, sunny, and beautiful all three days of the trip. We were all smiles all the time. Hong Kong is special because it is a pleasant mix of Chinese, western, and tropical. Not everyone knows this, but Hong Kong isn’t quite a part of China, nor is it entirely independent. However, it is considered its own country, and used to be a colony of the UK. The Chinese and Western influences, plus the beauty of the island, are what make HK a unique place that you should visit!

The first day we were there, we strolled around the streets near our Airbnb, which was located next to Kowloon Park in the Tsim Sha Tsui touristy area. Then we topped of the first day with a dinner date at Aqua just a couple blocks away. The restaurant sits on the 30th floor of the One Peking building with glitzy views of all the buildings and streets on the other side of the bay, which we later that night found ourselves having drinks at.

Our dinner at Aqua

The second day started off with getting brunch at N1 Cafe. I chowed down some classic avocado toast, and Christian knocked his poached egg off the table and all over his lap. Classic Christian move (*face palm*). After cleaning his mess, we hopped on the subway toward the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car which carried us all the way to Lantau Peak! The cable car is an absolute must do thing in Hong Kong because of the #views and the 25 minute joy ride that dropped us off right at the 112 ft. “Big Buddha”. I made poor Christian snap so many pictures of me in front of the giant Buddha before we took the cable care back down. (pictured below is one of those shots). This activity took up most of our day because we got a late start, so all we had time to do after was search TripAdvisor for a place to eat and then stroll around the bar district, Lan Kwai Fong.

Big Buddha
View from the cable car

Our last day in HK was shortened because of our evening flight back to Beijing, but we woke up early and tried to make the most of it. On our agenda for the day was a “hike” to Victoria’s Peak. Unfortunately, we didn’t do enough research beforehand and had no idea that the peak was famous for the view and not the hike. However, we were able to enjoy a nice walk around the peak on a flat trail with a few amazing views of the whole city! After we finished our walk, it was time to go back to the Airbnb to grab our bags and head back to Beijing. And like typical Mel and Christian fashion we were rushing to the subway to catch the Airport Express, and then rushing through the airport. Don’t worry…. we safely made it back to Beijing on time!

View from Victoria’s Peak

Next stop, Shanghai…?

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