My Life Abroad

I live abroad and I love it!

Hi, and welcome to my first blog post! As you can tell, I decided to finally pull the trigger on starting my own blog! I’ve been living in China now for about 7 months, so its about time I start writing. Anyways, it means a lot that you would come to my page to read my grammatical errors and rambling thoughts, so thank you! (Although my mom is probably the only one reading this right now – Hi mom!)  I am SO excited to share my experiences and stories with you through these posts!

I found my love for traveling when I was just 12 years old. My parents took me and my brother on a Mediterranean cruise to France, Spain, and Italy. And of course it was incredible! Who knew the world could be that beautiful and who knew food could be that delicious!? My 12 year old mind was blown. After that trip, I was begging my parents to take me on more family vacations. (I miss when my parents paid for my travels – good times.)  Fortunately, they blessed me with a few more adventures after that. Thank goodness my family loves seeing the world as much as I do. #blessed.

To fuel my love for adventure and travel even more, I signed up for a study abroad trip to Italy for my junior semester of college at Texas A&M. What’s better than spending three months eating gelato and pizza, drinking insane amounts of wine, and taking weekend trips around Europe with your new best pals?! Not much is. After that semester I knew that I needed to live abroad one day – there was just still so much more of the world I wanted to see and know.

So here I am now living in Beijing, China!! I took the great leap of faith and quit my job as a recruiter in Houston. Bye-bye 8-6 office job – you are not missed. So why China you might ask? …Did I just have  strong desire to explore Asia? Did I want to learn Chinese? Am I trying to find a smart Chinese husband? The answer is no. In fact, I was originally applying for jobs in Europe and Thailand because they just seemed way more appealing. I honestly decided to move to Beijing because one of my friends from Texas moved out here first, and he gave me some convincing reasons to drop the idea of Europe or Thailand, and to consider Beijing as an option instead. Reason one – I would have a group of friends to hang out with the second I landed in Beijing. Reason two -foreigners get paid good money out here. And reason three – why the hell not?!

So in a matter of weeks I set up a Skype interview with a recruiter from an English school in Beijing. A few days later I was hired! The following day I accepted the job! Then, two months later I hopped on a plane with two stuffed suit cases, sweaty palms, and an open mind. And y’all… I have NO regrets with my decision!

Stick around to see my upcoming posts on my adventures in Asia and what life is like living abroad!


Below are some pictures of my travels over the past couple years!

Athens, Greece. 2015
Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy. 2015
Burano, Italy. 2015
Pisa, Italy. 2015
Berlin, Germany. 2015
Dublin, Ireland. 2016
Budapest, Hungary. 2016
Prague, Czech Republic. 2016

Beijing, China. 2017

Bangkok, Thailand. 2017
Koh Tao, Thailand. 2017

Halong Bay, Vietnam. 2017
Chengdu, China. 2017

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