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Partay in Malay

Next, it was back to Malaysia, but this time Langawi! Langawi is an island off of the Northwest side of the country. Before researching Malaysia, I had no idea this island existed. It’s more conservative than Thailand and there are way way less backpackers. We were on this island for 10 days with friends from Beijing and a few visitors from Texas. We had plenty of time for us to do as much as we could afford. Though I was ballin’ on a budget, I found different ways to save money, and I splurged when I thought it’d be worth it. The good thing about staying on an island is that the beaches are a fun free thing to do, and Langkawi has multiple beautiful beaches to visit. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out on the beach because I desperately needed a tan (the Beijing winter is to blame)! So while me and all the girls laid out, the boys played frisbee and chugged beers (of course). For my friend Kara’s 25th birthday we did a dinner cruise around the island. The boys decided it was a good idea to dress up in all white for the cruise because they wanted to look cool and breezy. In the end, they ended up looking like the Backstreet Boys from the the Millennium album. It was quite the sight. On our last full day on the island, we rented jetskis and went island hopping. Our tour guide was a super chill island man and encouraged us to ride full speed ahead. It was exhilarating and freeing! 10 times cooler than jetskiing on the lake (and I love the lake). A few other highlight moments were motor biking around the island, riding a really steep cable car up to a beautiful sky bridge and view, rooftop dinners, and fire shows on the beach.
Two weeks flew by and before we knew it our vacation was over. My least favorite part about vacations is that they have to end… But another one is always right around the corner!!
Next stop, Hong Kong!

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