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Portugal. The Move

OLÁ FROM LISBON, PORTUGAL! One of the oldest cities in the world, full of beauty, culture, coffee, and wine! A place where the weather is always perfect and the people are always friendly. I honestly don’t think this place has any flaws. Besides maybe the many steep hills throughout the city center, but it’s beauty outweighs the leg pain, so it’s fine.

Since Lisbon is so hilly, there are trams that travel throughout the city center to help people manage getting around easier. The trams have become an iconic piece of the city and a tourist attraction because of their quaint-yellow-retro exterior and the way they rattle through the narrow streets. They are too cool and I can’t help but snap a pic when a cute one drives by.

Portuguese food is interesting. They mostly serve fresh codfish and other seafood, which is delicious, but I’ve never been a huge fish person. However, there are many other great options other than Portuguese seafood. My favorite spot so far for grabbing a bite to eat is the Timeout Market, which is this giant food hall with about 25 restaurants serving top quality regional cuisine. Also, brunch is surprisingly very popular, and we have no problem finding some classic avocado toast.

Okay, let’s talk coffee and wine because those are two of my most favorite things! And possibly the Portuguese’ favorites too because it’s everywhere, and so dang cheap! Nearly every street corner has a café and nearly every restaurant has a giant wine list. Coffee is a part of the every day life here in Lisbon, and the Portuguese love their espressos. If you ask for a coffee, “um café,” an espresso is what you’ll be served because it’s the most common drink. Portugal is known for the production of Port wine, a sweet red dessert wine. A bottle of wine can be found in the grocery store for 2 euros on average!

I’ve been in Lisbon for about 2 weeks now, and it has been a whirlwind of emotions. Excitement, nervousness, fear, joy, curiosity, stress, and fulfillment. It’s somewhat daunting picking up your life and moving somewhere completely new with zero clue what you’re going to do. On the other hand, the unknown future possibilities that await keep me motivated. My boyfriend, Christian, and I are have already found homes to live in! Christian is living in a refurbished 1970s apartment near the action, and I am living in a house in a quaint neighborhood near the port. We have also been applying for jobs and setting up interviews. Besides taking care of the essential business, we are enjoying our introduction to Lisbon by sightseeing and trying new restaurants!

Saúde! Cheers!




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