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Hi everyone! First off, sorry it has been forever since making a new post. There were some technical difficulties with my site, but baby I’m back and ready to share some new things with y’all! Since I’ve been offline, I have survived a beijing winter (barely), had 4 friends from Texas visit me, and traveled to Malaysia and Singapore. I’ve also been planning an upcoming trip to Qingdao, China and Hong Kong. Exciting stuff!

I am now approaching my eleventh month in Beijing (what?!), and it continues to surprise me in pleasant and challenging ways. The most recent and prevalent hurdle for me was the cold winter. As you know, I am from Texas, therefore an expert at taking the heat, but an amateur in anything below 30 degrees F. So when the Chinese New Year holiday approached in February, I was dying to leave Beijing! My company gave me a whopping two week vacation for the New Year, so this was a great excuse for me to head back to a warm Southeast Asia. After much time Pinteresting and searching the internet, my friends and I decided that our two week vacation would be spent in sunny Malaysia and Singapore!

I can’t wait to share my experience on this trip with y’all! So, look forward to my next post and I’ll tell you all about it! In the meantime, check out some highlight pics of the last few months in Asia.


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